The 3 Keys to Bomb Ass Branding

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Most know that the key to success is hard work, hustle and consistency. Whether your a brand beginner or Pro in the game. Here’s a short list of ways to stay visible in your brand, business or talent.

1. Clarity Is Key - Be clear on who you are and what your bringing to your audience.

Not is not your audience and you cannot service everyone. Focus on the few you do service, help, answer questions for or entertain.

Think of it this way:

If you walk into a room of 100 ppl. All 100 may not know or never met you. Who will you talk to first?!? The people that do know you or have interest in you right?? Yes, do the same with your brand, business or talent. Talk to the few that you know or familiar with you and your kind. The others will become intrigued and follow (or nah.) Either way, if they don’t. You know they weren’t for you or uninterested.

So again, be clear on who you are and who you are talking too. Focus on the few... not the many.

2. Consistency - Consistency sets the standard and expectations you have mapped out for your brands mission and purpose. Define that.... whatever that is, stay there. Keep going and stay on brand. Don’t get distracted by the masses... stay in your lane and deliver to your audience.

3. Heart - Once you have earned your clients trust, they are getting to know you and start to like you.... stay in front of them. Find ways to be creative and relevant. Find knew ways to solve their problems. As long as you are helping your audience your creativity will flow. They will give you the answer on what they need next. Your job is to pay attention to that, provide the answer and make their lives easier. Just don’t over do it! Leave them wanting more. Which also buys you time to plan and market more.

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