30 Teasers for your Freebies and Lead Magnets

Using words that generate excitement is essential to good copy. There are several books out there that can help you develop your copywriting skills. To get you started, here a quick go to list of single words or phrases that will help you bring interest and excitement to your brands freebie or opt in offer.

  1. New

  2. Introducing

  3. Announcing

  4. Good News

  5. Great News

  6. Sneak Preview

  7. New Offer

  8. Free!

  9. Free Gift Inside

  10. Your Free Gift Enclosed

  11. Free Trial

  12. Limited-Time Offer

  13. Save...

  14. Get a Free…

  15. Yours Free

  16. Free ___ Inside!

  17. It’s all yours!

  18. Accept this ____

  19. See Inside

  20. Enclosed is a…

  21. Details Inside

  22. It’s a Sale!

  23. Thank you! Here’s a _____

  24. Here’s our way of saying Thank You!

  25. Free sample!

  26. Free gift!

  27. Special Savings for you!

  28. Special Savings

  29. It’s a Giveaway

  30. Exclusive offer

For a downloadable version of this list, click here.

List inspired by: “Words that Sell” by Richard Bayan

List Curated by Ronny Steele, OMB - Follow us: @syhagencyllc

Instructions: Use this list to create exciting ways to introduce your freebies and lead magnets to your audience. Get creative and Enjoy!

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