3 ways to attract your ideal client.

Hey hearts,

Have you ever wanted to know how to attract your own tribe and get new clients? Welp, here the game. 🤩😎🙇🏾‍♀️

Ask yourself what’s your overall desire? What did you come for??? To do business and...

✅ To catch someone’s attention (Yes!)

✅ Gauge their interest (Yes!)

✅ Covert them into a client (2x Yes!)

Soooo Ronny,

What do you need to know to do that?

Here are 3 ways to make it happen... no worries, I got you 💁🏽‍♀️:

#1 - You must know your brand/business highlights:

What does your company offer?

What are your skill sets?

How can working with you help them?

Are you specifically speaking to the clients problem? (Big One!)

Are you addressing their pain points?

#2 - Pain Points and FAQ’s- what do people need to know about your brand or business and how can you help them. What are frequently asked questions... when you are explaining your brand/ business to a customer. Address those and you may just find your answer on what your clients really want and/or need.

#3 - What’s the wants and desires of your ideal client and who do you serve?

Are you speaking to them on a level they understand? What do THEY NEED FROM YOU on a consistent basis??? Are you making it simple for them to use your services and get what they need? 🤔

If you can understand this then I think you are well on your way to getting, keeping and maintaining your customer base.






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